Predestination: the scripted journey

How can you take control of your life?

Deep Relaxtion

How do you free yourself from constant stress, agitation, and worries?

The initiations of Munay-Ki

How can you cultivate ambitions larger than your usual daily routine?

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Marina Baldo Marinatto – Spiritual Practitioner

Loving oneself means maintaining a deep and unwavering affection for who you are,
regardless of the challenges and changes life brings

I was born in Argentina, where I spent my childhood. Then I moved to Germany, where I lived through my teenage years. Finally, I arrived in Italy. For over twenty years, I worked in the corporate world, holding various roles, from the simplest to the most complex.

The areas in which I work are diverse.

Private scope

For those who wish to make peace
with a previous relationship
or overcome a bereavement,
it’s essential to approach the process with patience,
self-compassion, and intentionality.

Professional scope

Improving professional performance,
achieving important goals and promotions,
and understanding the interaction of thoughts
and emotions in professional contexts
are key aspects of professional development.

Spiritual scope

For those who are naturally inclined towards
the spiritual world and seek deeper awareness,
contact with their true nature, and alignment with their unique self, a holistic approach integrating spiritual practices, self-reflection, and mindful living can be highly beneficial.